Acne Cannot Be Treated But Can Be Controlled

Hormone fluctuations cause a disturbance to the normal amount of sebum being produced. This results in more oil than normal being made and leading to the greasy conditions that will eventually lead to blocked pores. Polycystic ovary syndrome may cause acne in some rare cases in girls. This is due to an excess of the testosterone hormone being produced by the adrenal gland. Other conditions such as facial hair and thinning of the head hair may accompany the acne.

Women suffering from PCOS may tend to be more diabetic prone patients as well. PCOS related acne will tend to flare up in women in the more hormonally sensitive areas of the face. These are the cheeks, jawline, chin and at the angles of the jaw which also is in the upper neck area. Irregular periods could be a pointer to PCOS. However only further blood tests conducted by the doctor can confirm that this is the major cause of acne. There is no magical cure for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, however changes in diet may help.

Some types of birth control pills can help in the control of hormonal acne. However the results cannot be got immediately. It would be required to use the pill for at least three months before any conclusion about its effectiveness can be made. Using these pills for six months however showed a greater positive response in most women.

Stress can cause the hands to be moved to the face more often. As a result dirt and other germs can be transferred on to the face leading to the outbreak of acne. Pimples can be picked in this state leading to further scars. This situation can further lead to acne excoriee which is a term used to describe the obsession some people may get with the wanting to pick any tiny pimple on the skin. This is not a healthy habit as it can lead to serious spots which can be easily avoided. Check out these exposed skin care reviews to learn more on the best acne treatment.

Certain changes to our routines and they way we do certain things could go a long way in controlling our acne. Being aware of the environment we expose ourselves to is important as well. Too much sun, too many harsh chemicals in work places and unhygienic applications on the body can aggravate any acne.

There is a co relation to the psychological amount of stress increasing by 14% for every hour of lost night sleep. Stress amounts to increased acne. A cooler body temperature may help to stay fast asleep.